No receive audio on remote computer

Windows 10, both server and client. IC-7300 radio. Server shows actual computer microphone audio coming in from radio receiver on “Microphone USB Audio Codec”. Client always starts with AF slider at full, and moving it does nothing on the server or radio. All other sliders show action on the server and radio when changed. TX audio is working correctly on the client along with all other functions. Audio input on server is set to “Microphone USB Audio Codec.” What did I do wrong?

There are various issues with v1.50, which are addressed in the weekly builds.

On both the server and client, download the latest .exe file and all of the .dll files in the public_builds directory and copy them to your wfview program directory (usually c:\Program Files (x86)\wfview)

We are just working on a few outstanding issues and plan to release v1.60 soon.

73 Phil M0VSE

I just downloaded it again last night and installed on a different client laptop, same thing.

Can you please share with us the log files from both client and server?

You can press “Log” and then press “Send to termbin”. You will then be given a URL, which you can paste in your next message.

Open the wfview server, and then open the wfview client, and then send the logs. This way we can see all the info.

As Phil said, we are moving to 1.60 soon which will likely solve all these problems. So if you find this difficult, just wait it out a bit.

de W6EL

How soon to the 1.60 release? Can’t wait…

I sent the log file, it gave me

I noticed in the log file, any time it mentions Audio Input it shows “” – when it mentions audio output it shows the correct USB device. Output is “Speakers (USB Audio Codec )” and I have the input showing in the Audio Input as “Microphone (USB Audio Codec)” in the settings screen, Radio Access.

I also just sent a client log to

How long until 1.6 is ready? I’m trying to get this ready for a vacation in June. I couldn’t get Win4Icom to work, and this is the last thing to try before spending $150 for you-know-what and hoping it works.

Looks like the server side is missing an audio input. Client side has no audio input and no audio output device.

Both are running version 1.50. You should at least try and run the latest public build, which is version 1.57 or 1.58, can’t remember which. These newer versions handle audio devices better.

1.60, we added custom repeater offsets and VFO Split, A/B, Main/Sub the other night. It’s just a matter of finishing a few more little things and it will be good to go.

So what do I do with the latest build? I download wfview-master-2023—03000-01(1).exe and it says “The code execution cannot proceed because portaudio_x86.dll was not found.”

The required .dll files are also available In the same directory that you downloaded that from, they must ALL be copied into the wfview installation directory.

Still doesn’t work, copying them to the system directory partially works, still asks for more DLL files. This is insane, I give up. I’m going to wait for 1.6.

And also I can’t find 1.56 or 1.57 anywhere, just this .exe that won’t work.

All required .dll files are available in the public_builds directory. (Qt5Xml.dll, portaudio_x86.dll and qcustomplot2.dll) Everything must be copied into the wfview program directory (usually c:\program files (x86)\wfview) along with the latest .exe. placing them anywhere else WILL NOT WORK.

Sorry about being impatient. I finally got the .DLL files in the right places and the new .exe renamed, and everything is working perfectly. First time ever I’ve gotten IP remote radio software working.

Now comes the second challenge – getting it to work over a dynamic IP connection off my local network. The port forwarding is the easy part.

Just a glitch report (not a bug report!) – when listening to WWV, the long solid audio tones are correct, but the time ticks seem to drift up and down in frequency about 200 Hz or so from their usual 1000 Hz. Haven’t tried listening to AM SW BC stations yet to see if it distorts music.

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