No transmit audio from remote

My radio is an IC-7610. I am using version 1.64. I can connect fine. I receive audio fine. I am using a Logitect USB headset. Both input and output are selected in Setup. There is no transmit audio reaching the radio. I don’t know what is wrong.
Doug – K0DXV

Hi Doug,

What MOD source is selected on the radio? You can check in wfview under settings on the Radio Settings page.

de W6EL

yeah usually good ways to check is

  1. Set up second meter on your wfview (TX Audio)

  2. If you see movememnt while you talk (even without PTT) continue to 3.

  3. Radio Setting - DATA OFF MOD = USB(LAN) etc. whichever way you have your attached.

  4. Should just work :slight_smile: