No VOX when using modulation over LAN

I have an IC-7610. I’m connecting to a computer running wfview under Debian Linux 10.9 via my LAN. It’s pretty slick. Kudos to the development team.

This evening, tried using USB with audio fed from a microphone connected to the computer. The Pulse audio monitors show that the mic is working fine. I changed the MIC entry on the wfview settings page to LAN, and when I use my manual push-to-talk switch, the 7610 goes into transmit mode and sends RF (yes, to a dummy load).

But VOX does not work when I turn that on in the 7610 and do not use the manual PTT switch.

Is there a setting I can make that will cause the rig to respond to audio when in VOX mode?

… Rich W2RG

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Hi Rich,

I actually have been meaning to see if VOX works over network. I can tell you that wfview sends the audio continuously both directions. But I think that some rigs do not process the VOX function for non-mic audio. I could be wrong, I have not experimented with it yet.

If you use regular PTT, does the audio work from your PC mic to the rig?


de W6EL

Hi Rich,

Sadly Icom seem to only support VOX from local microphone connections, I don’t think it even works for USB audio on most rigs?

73 Phil M0VSE

That’s a shame. Elliott also said that is one of his suspicions. So the rig is the weak link.

Would some kind of work-around be possible? In order for remote operation to be possible, the remote computer must be able to command the rig to go into transmit mode - no? If so, the computer could (in principle) perform the VOX function.

I don’t mean to suggest that it’s easy - just that it’s do-able :slight_smile:

… Rich W2RG

Yes, it works fine using regular PTT.

But I don’t work fine using only PTT. I need my VOX!

… Rich W2RG

Hi Rich.

Yes I was thinking along the same lines, technically is is possible for wfview to put the radio into TX when audio is detected and ‘simulate’ the VOX function. I will have a think about how it could work.

73 Phil M0VSE

It would be great to have, Phil. Operating by ethernet is so nice and clean. I note that the TRANSMIT button on the wfview main (view) panel works just fine, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that VOX via LAN can be made to work.
TNX, 73
…Rich W2RG