Older models and RF output control

I would like to setup wfview as a genuine alternative to some of the ill fated projects that do not handle audio latency well. The one thing that seems unclear to me after reading the documentation is the RF output power control.

Is this supported across all the supported models? Does it work for the Icom 7600? (with the physical potentiometer/knob for RF output power).


Every rig has different supported features, owing to the different sets of commands that the radio supports. And of course, sometimes there is a command that we have not implemented yet.

I’ll have to check on the 7600 command dictionary and see what it supports. If it is indeed a simple analog knob then we would not be able to adjust it.

de W6EL

Memory increment (Mem+) and memory decrement (Mem-) for the F1 and F2 buttons on the External Command screen for the RC-28 when connected to the IC-9700 would be awesome.

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