One radio sever with mulitiple connected clients

Is it possible to have multiple clients connected to simultaneously share one radio. Obviously, only one would have transmit control at a time. I know that this may sound like a strange request, but we are setting up a club remote HF and I want to explore making it more dynamic like an FM repeater where a few user can listen together and share control. Not use exactly how this would work or even if this is a plausible idea? It would require an associated chat so users can co-ordinate. I do not want to have the booking system where one user books out exclusive use for a period of time.

Hi Glenn.

Yes absolutely, this was one of the design features from the beginning.

The first connected client provides transmit audio, any subsequent client connections are receive only

Eventually the plan is to allow receive only users to be configured in the settings page but this doesn’t currently work.


Phil M0VSE

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