Operating FT8 in a car

I have an IC-705, a Dell XPS laptop, an AMPRO-20 and a magmount.
I have been trying to get WSJTX to operate with a USB link to the radio and it worked fine until I started to TX, then the rig blocked and power-cycle the only answer.
Fortunately I came across a great U-Tube by W4UYE which led me to your program.
Tests in doors with a dummy load work fine… now for the big leap.
Wish me luck.

Keep your eyes on the road and let us know how it goes.

de W6EL

Rf ingress I think? See that often

Further developements.
wfview runs well and operates the IC-705 fine in the car. No apparent interference with the TX.
So on to the next problem.
After a random interval the rtt and packet loss starts to increase until finally contact is lost with the radio.
Hmmm… is it that the laptop doesn’t operate at full capability with no external power ? Well amazon delivered a car charger and … no it’s not that…
Is it the waterfall ? Well it certainly seems to last longer if the waterfall is turned off but not conclusive.
Is it the laptop doing something hidden ? It there another program taking over the network access ?
btw… the laptop is just connected to the IC-705 wifi server with nothiing else on the net.
amazon delivered a USB wifi dongle so now to see if i can isolate all wfview and IC-705 transactions to be via that ?
It’s good fun… 95% there now… :grinning:
more later.

Success. Turns out the solution was the wifi dongle making a seperate network from the windows stuff.
Ran wfview, wsjtx and the wifi monitor and saw only two lost packets in wfview.
so now to take the setup out to a hilltop and try for some DX maybe on wednesday.

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