PBT Offsets in LSB

I run the latest public builds for Windows. I’ve noticed that when the display shows PBT offsets in LSB, it seems to go in the wrong direction. I normally set my Filter 1 to 3600Hz, with PBT offsets set so that the filter range is 50 to 3650Hz. The reddish tinted area in the Spectrum display when in LSB are offset to the right, instead of the left. Am I missing something?



Forgot to mention, the radio is tuned to 7.163000 with passband set as noted above. There shouldn’t be anything to the right of 7.163000.


USB looks ok. This is the same filter with offsets and radio tuned to 14.200 USB:


Hi Dave.

You are quite correct, it is a bug and I have just pushed a fix for this which should make it into 1.60.

Thanks for the report, each mode requires a slightly different calculation and as PBT isn’t a feature that I routinely use, I wasn’t sure what the “correct” way for PBT to be displayed in LSB, so that is very useful.


Thanks, Phil. Good work, as always. These things happen!