People report that I have a slight "tinny" sound (or muffled)

First, thanks to Phil for figureing out why i couldnt control my VFO from the client wfview. It was as he predicted: I had hard-coded the CI-V address and didnt use “AUTO” on both client and server

IC7300------> 1.65 (full build script) on ubuntu 20.04 ----LAN----->

—LAN—> 1.64 flatpak on ubuntu 22.04 ----> headset plugged into Ear/Mic jack on client ( headset is from an iPhone 13 )

My audio out of the radio and across network to client is very good. However, my TX audio is said to be very “tinny” when in a QSO with other radio operators. And some operators have told me it sounds “muffled” . Is there anything I can do to improve my TX audio?

The levels are OK. I used an SDR about 1200km away to listen to myself. Im ok with levels. Its more of a sound quality thing.

Im using Opus 1ch between the client and server. What would be better? Any assistance would be much appreciated.

first guess is to use a different headset. The use of OS, or flatpack (…) etc. does not make much of a different, the number of bits of the used codec may help a bit.

But then again - a headset from apple … try something better first.

Sounds like poor physical placing of the microphone element. headset mic elements are not designed to be broad-banded, or have a wide angle of capture. They are designed to be deaf and flat in an effort to reduce background noise.

Try recording your mic with Audacity, and looking at the waveform, and listening to what is recorded.You will work out what is going wrong pretty quickly.

“Tinny” and “muffled” are almost opposites. But who knows, reports are so subjective.

Try as Tim suggested and record yourself directly into a program like Audacity. Get that sounding right first and then we can work with the radio (some). I wish Icom would put a proper equalizer into their radios… Maybe we’ll finish that feature in wfview one day.

thanks Roeland, Elliott and Tim… i will give audacity a try and see what my voice sounds like in a recording there.