Pi Update

I have been fumbling around trying to update the version on a Raspberry Pi. I thought it was done, but realized today that it hadn’t actually updated. Here are the last couple lines:

Now installing:
sudo: ./install.sh: command not found
Done running script.

I used the script found on the install page:

Debian Build Script:

For debian-based systems (Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Raspberry Pi, etc), you may obtain the latest version of the master branch of wfview by running this build script:

Simply download the script to ~/Downloads and run the following commands:

cd ~/Downloads
chmod +x fullbuild-wfview.sh

Of course I have tried downloading the script a couple times on the fails, but seems to be a bigger issue I can not get past. I am showing this version installed: Build 4b26783 on Jun 20 2021 at 17:10:51 by pi@hampi

I am still fumbling around in Linux, seems like once I figure things out they move repositories, remove commands, and then I am struggling to catch up again.

Hi Eric,

I am trying it right now, stand by.

de W6EL

I see the same problem. Hmm. Give me a bit here…

de W6EL


I didn’t realize we moved forward this fast with the new install system. Basically we went from requiring a install script to using the more common sudo make install method. If you cd into the build directory, then run sudo make install it should work. I’ll see if I can update the script this evening.

Thank you all,


Hi Eric,

I have updated the build script. Please download it again and re-run.

Thank you for reporting this error, I am sure it would have bit a lot of people.

de W6EL

Yay! The updated script works. My only stumbling block is I hadn’t deleted the old file and had to go back and delete then rename the new version. My fault for missing what you wrote. :smiley: Great service and it now shows 1.1 version installed.