Pixelbook 2017 install - successful

Okay color me impressed, I was able to install wfview on my 2017 Pixelbook running under Linux in Chrome OS 90.

Following the Debian Build Script instructions I was able to install and once complete connect to my IC-705 via the built in wlan server and control and get audio out of the Chromebook. Still need to do more testing but now that Linux support on Chrome OS is coming to more Chromebooks natively this opens up so more opportunities to move away from the RPI in the field. Don’t get me wrong I love my RPI but it can be fragile. Now to work on getting FT-8 and JS8Call working on the Chromebook.

Josh - KB6FJ

Hi Josh,

Color me impressed too! Can you describe exactly how you did this? Also, how was the audio?


de W6EL

In Chrome OS Linux support needs to be turned on in settings.
My Pixelbook is a Intel Core i5 so it seems to work well, I don’t know if it will work on a ARM based Chromebook.

Once there I downloaded the Debian install script made it executable and then ran it.
then after typing the wfview command it opens in a window on the Chrome OS desktop.
The audio I’ve listen to thus far sound pretty good.

Settings that work for me are below

  • Select Connect over LAN
  • Set your Chromebook the the SSID of the IC-705
  • The default IP for the IC-705 wlan server is
  • You do have to go into the 705 and set network user 1 or 2 user name and password
  • For Audio I left both as default, both work well
    edit To get audio from the Chrombook might you need to enable mic access to Linux in the ChromeOS settings.
  • Save settings and then exit program.
  • Relaunch wfview and you should connect automatically and if there is audio coming from the radio then you should be able to hear it.
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Very cool! We’ll keep this in mind if anyone asks about it. I’m really surprised it worked that well.

de W6EL

I’m looking for a compact client laptop to install Wfview. Maybe a chromebook but I have no experience with Linux. Is it difficult to install Wfview on a chromebook?

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 3 Chromebook 82BB002KMB


ASUS Chromebook C223NA-GJ0044-BE - Chromebook



As they are both Intel based then it should work as Josh described above?