Power LED on 7610

This is probably a dumb question, but can someone tell me why my power LED on the 7610 pulses an orange color when I turn off the radio via wfview? I can’t find any reference to this behavior in the manuals at all.


Hi Ron,

I don’t have a 7610 at the moment, but if it’s like the 9700, the pulsing means the radio is on standby and can still accept network connections.

de W6EL

Yes Elliott is correct,

If you fully power-off the 7610 or 9700 (power LED off) it also powers the network down so you need to push the power button to turn it back on. Wfview effectively puts the radio into standby, keeping the network enabled.

73 Phil M0VSE

Thanks Elliot. I suspected something like that. Just seems strange that the manual doesn’t mention this. So I’m guessing that the program can’t connect to the radio unless this light is blinking. So you have to turn the radio on manually ( heaven forbid) the first time you connect to the radio?
Does that sound right?

Thanks to both of you. I now know why I can’t seem to turn on the rig remotely. I need to turn it on manually and then turn it off via the program, so it will be ready to receive remote commands. Makes sense, now.


By the way, on my radio with the latest firmware, when powering off, if you hold the power button down for about 3-5 seconds, the screen will prompt you to select between ‘Standby Mode’ or ‘Shutdown’.

I checked my pdf manuals and stuff like stby, standby, orange etc did not pop up any hints either
and while I know that the stby function indeed is how its displayed, I sent my ICOM contacts
a suggestion to fix this in the manuals.

Thanks for the comments, guys. Gordon, my radio just does not do that. I have the 1.30 firmware in it, but it doesn’t do that standby thing. I held it for a long time just to be sure. Are you talking about another radio perhaps?
Not a big deal though.

Nope, it is a 7610. I will shoot a quick video when I get back home and post it here for you.

Hi Ron,

I am pretty sure it is a menu option on the 7610, Power button operation or something similar.

If you can’t find it I will have a look when I’m back in the shack


OK, I did find it and it now works. It was in the Network menu under Power Off Setting (for Remote Control).

I still haven’t figured out all of the menu for that radio. Always finding something new.

Thanks a bunch.



Thanks fir mention the standby on 7610. I did not know it did this.

The 7851 has an option for when you push the power button, turn off or stand by.

73, Grant/W5XB/Ga

Yea, and the 7610 has the same option.

all ethernet rigs (9700, 7610, 7851, 705…) have this. the 7300 has it too btw so that you can “wake it up” too. It’s slower compared to ether rigs but you get the idea.