Problem with remote connection

Having some problems trying to get a remote connection up and running. Using the v1.64 64bit version with the latest weekly master build 20231120. Both PC’s are running W11Pro, both are on my LAN, and I use a ic-7300. Due to some medical issues I’m dealing with I don’t have access to my primary HAM PC out in my shop/shack so I’m trying to setup a remote connection. I’ve been using Windows RDC for FT8/FT4 since I don’t need audio, but that doesn’t work at all for voice. The wfview on the Host PC works great and I can connect to the Host PC from my Client laptop, but I get no audio, no waterfall, and the transmit doesn’t work. A copy of the Log from the Client PC is located at “\n\u0000” if you can get it to open, I can’t. Let me know if you need any other info. TIA!

Hello Alan,

I also recently fired up wfview with an IC7300 and encountered a similar issue. The first think I checked on the client side was whether in the bottom right corner, you have the radio’s name (IC7300). If not (as in my setup), there might be an issue with the used ports. I had to change to other ports since my remote software (Anydesk) occupied the default wfview ports.


PS: The termin link does not work for me.

Termbin link got corrupted or something. Here it is:

I’ll review it later today. A bit busy right now.

de W6EL

Alan, do you have CIV Transceive enabled? Please enable it, if it was off, and try again.

Yes, CIV Transceive is set to ON, has been for a long time.

I suspect that you may have another version of the QT Framework on your machine which is causing a conflict, as seen from the first line in your log (both Build and Current versions of Qt should be the same)

Operating System: Windows 11 Version 21H2 (x86_64). Build Qt Version 6.3.2. Current Qt Version: 6.5.1"

It might be worth trying the 32 bit version of wfview instead, that is built on Qt5 and is less likely to experience this conflict.

73 Phil

Sorry for the delay, I had a minor health setback that laid me up for a few days. When I finally got back on my laptop and fired up wfview it worked perfectly. Worked a little ft8 and some ssb voice. Log4om and jtdx connected for ft8, and log4om and sdrconsole connected when I’m working voice. It was up and running for hours without a glitch. I even set it up with VB virtual cables so I could send the audio through some processors both for RX and TX audio. Everything worked great! I have no idea what the problem was in my original post or why it’s working fine now, but I’m not going to complain. Thanks for all the help!

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