Problems in RTTY Contest

I’m having a lot of problems in the RTTY contest today.

First, and most bothersome, the radio quits after I transmit. The audio stops and the displays go black. Turning the radio OFF then back ON with the button on wfview does the trick. Disconnecting and reconnecting doesn’t help. This sounds like an RF-related problem, but nothing on the radio has changed and I have large FT-240-31 toroids on all the cables plugged in to the IC-7300.

I resume contesting after getting the radio going again. Now, when I send any message, the transmitted audio sounds very weak, very distorted and there is no power output from the transmitter according to wfview.

N1MM is also telling me to click here to reconnect to the radio.

Things worked fine for the first hour or so, then the problems began. It’s too much for my tiny brain to process. By the way, I enjoyed working with it when it worked. Moving around the band with the VFO dial was “OK”. Luckily, I discovered by accident that I can tune more slowly with the mouse wheel. I know there are keyboard shortcuts, but they are in the online manual and not in a help file in wfview…ahem!

I could sure use some help! I hate the thought of giving up on the contest only a few hours into it.

Thanks for any assistance.


What if you try using 0% power, does it keep working?

Good idea! I’ll try that tomorrow if it starts acting up again.