PTT cannot be un-disabled with any setting I could find

I am unable to find the setting that allows me to transmit using my connected ICOM IC-7300. Same issue with previous versions of wfview. Both client and server are running Win 10 and wfview 1.6.


It’s in the manual :slight_smile:

It is called “Enable PTT Controls” and is in Settings under the “User Interface” page.

de W6EL

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It’s good to have a mature hand-holder barely an e-mail away!

Hi. It sounds like you have the apps running ok. I am new at this too. I just installed the server site software and used the default settings to control the 7300 from this computer over usb.

In this configuration the transmit button on the server computer would cause the 7300 to enter tx mode but you still have to talk into the radio mic.

Is this where you are having your issue or would you say it is when you try to use your client computer when sitting away from the server computer?