Pulsing transmit with WSJTX

Hello I think I have figured out the connections on my MacBook Pro. However, when WSJTX transmits there is static and pulsing of the signal when I listen with the Monitor.



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Hi Mike,

Can you make sure that all the sample rates are set to 48kHz? You may need to verify in the Audio MIDI Setup on the Mac.

de W6EL

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I am using VB-Cable as my virtual source. The format for both input and output in Apple MIDI is set to 2ch 32-bit Float 48.0 kHz and 48000 in VFVIEW

For a virtual com port I am using "/Users/michaelneed/Library/Containers/org.wfview.wfview/Data/Downloads/rig-pty” this is set in both VFVIEW and WSJTX. I get the waterfall in WSJTX without issue but transmitting is an issue.

Thanks. I think I must have something set wrong somewhere. I am optimistic that this will work and I am very excited about the possibilities.

BTW. I frequently have to do a “Force Quit” with VFVIEW



Hi Michael,

That all sounds correct. I can tell you that we are working on a number of issues with the audio, and you may see significant improvements soon with our next minor version released.

de W6EL

Just wanted to add that I’m facing the same issue. All the settings are correct, but the transmit audio pulses and is unreadable. Thanks for checking in to it and for all of your work on this software. Much appreciated.

Hi Jonathan,

Are you also running on macOS? What version?


de W6EL

Using Macbook (M1). OS is Big Sur. I think I may have it figured out, as I keep playing with the settings. Using Blackhole as my virtual audio…Update, It seems to be working now. Using LPCM 1ch 16 bit for both in/out. I’m pretty sure I started with this setting, but for whatever reason it is now working.

Thanks again for the software and the quick reply!