qtgamepad error

I’m trying to compile wfview in linux mint 20.3 using qr 5.12
I am using the fullbuildwfview.sh script.

It fails running qmake with this error :-1:
$ qmake …/wfview/wfview.pro
Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: gamepad

however qtgamepad is in the qt src directory …
as I installed qt5.12 from source also …

I suppose it might be due to path naming issues …

I’ve done various searches on the internet looking at the failed module … gamepad
error but have not found any good description that would allow me to get this included.

Any comments appreciated


de zl1any stephen

What Linux distro are you using?

Qt 5.12 is pretty old (released 2018) if you compiled it from source, I am not sure how much we can help you to be honest as we really only support the official Qt distributions from 5.15 onwards.

However, if you comment-out the line


within wfview.pro, this will disable USB controllers/gamepads and should allow wfview to build.

73 Phil