Quadra-Inovota no USB connection

I have a Quadra-Inovota running Wfview 1.61. As a remote client it controls the radio, waterfall and controls work. However when I try to use it with a USB direct connection to the radio nothing works, the log file it comes up with “could not open serial port…” Occasionally it will work for a few seconds then pops the USB error. The USB port seems ok, that is the keyboard\mouse dongle works
In Radio Access I am set to Auto, 115200 baud

I had the same issue with mine Quadro. Stumbled across a post somewhere that describes a command the releases the serial port to the system, or something like that. Ill see if i can dig up the link unless someone has the solution.


Maybe here?


Seems like you might just need to remove brltty from grabbing the serial port. But do check the Log button in wfview, see if there is a serial port error. Make sure you have permission to access the serial port as well.

de W6EL

Thanks Elliott, removing brltty solved the problem!

Awesome, glad to hear it.

Don’t forget to toss that original power adapter. It makes spikes all up and down the HF band.

de W6EL