Question: possible to run IC-PCR1000?

Hello. I have an older Icom PCR-1000 receiver (not an SDR) and can run with Ham Radio Deluxe using Serial to USB converter. Is it possible to use WFview to control the receiver?

Thanks for any ideas. 73.

Jonathan, KK7PW

Hi Jonathan.

I also have a PCR-1000 (and PCR-1500) but I don’t have any information about the protocol that they use. I will try to investigate further as if they use something akin to the ‘standard’ C-IV protocol then it should be possible to do something with it.



Thanks, Phil! I’ll await your word with fingers crossed.

Jonathan, KK7PW

Hi Jonathan,

I have been looking through the protocol for the PCR1000 and unfortunately it is completely different protocol and nothing like the ‘standard’ C-IV protocol that wfview supports.

All is not lost though, as one of our long term goals is to have an abstraction layer that allows other protocols to be supported, eventually allowing other manufacturers rigs to be controlled by wfview. I don’t have any timescale for this though.


Phil M0VSE


OK. Understand. Thanks again!

Jonathan, KK7PW