Questions And A Request

Hello Sir,

Dumb questions, but will blame it on old age now:

This might be a duplicate. from an email I tried but was bounced, apparently.

Super prog.

Have switched to a mac for, and see “things” are a bit different.

a.How do I enter digits manually to select a freq. ?
The knob works, but there doesn’t seem to be a manual way.
Is there ? How ?

b.Using with an Icom R8600
Any way of having program pull up the memory allocations such as
the Groups and Channels that have previously been loaded into the
radio ?

c. When/if you do a revision, please take a look
at the W10 version and increase the vertical height to show the freq.
without any clipping.

I know I can change the screen resolution, but it is on a
resolution that is good for me, and I think reasonable.

The Mac version doesn’t have this problem

Thanks for making program available.

Best regards,

Hi Bob,

I’m not sure how this came to me. I’m a real newbie to this and have had some replies from Roeland and Elliot.



Hi Bob,

a: Press the little tab at the top that says “Frequency”. Or, press the star key on your computer’s keyboard. Now type in the frequency you want, and press enter. If you do not use a decimal point, wfview will assume KHz, otherwise it will assume MHz.

b: We have not implemented any memory functions on the radios yet. Maybe one day. It’s a lot of work, there are so many functions to implement in that area.

c: You can force wfview to not scale for your resolution and DPI, and this will fix the display clipping. I don’t have windows, so someone here will have to tell you how to do it. Here is a relevant article from qt (a set of programming libraries we use): High DPI Displays | Qt 5.15

de W6EL