R8600 Settings for USB Connection

Hi All,

Downloaded and installed the app onto my Mac to try it out just using my IC-R8600. The radio isn’t on the home network so was trying to connect via the USB option.
Changed the settings (e.g. unlink; baud rate; ci-v transceive) in the radio as per the paragraph in the user manual but I can’t get a connection. Would someone please share their R8600 settings so I can cross-check with mine? (Searched through this forum but didn’t find any suitable posts).

Thanks, David VK3DRH

HI All,

Please disregard my previous post. Since that post requesting settings for the R8600, I uninstalled the app and did a new, clean install. It now all works without an issue. Presumably something was corrupted during the original install process??

  1. David VK3DRH

Hi David,

Hard to say for sure, but I’m glad it’s working.

By the way, you may get the waterfall at a faster rate over ethernet if the IC-R8600 is like the other radios we support. I’m not sure if we’ve actually tried this radio over USB yet.

de W6EL