Radio stays keyed

I am trying the wfview program on Ubuntu LTS20.??. When I run the program, the radio goes into transmit mode, and I have not figured out a way to go back to receive, short of shutting down the program. I have tried turning PTT Controls off and on. I have clicked the two PTT buttons in Settings, as well as the receive button on the main panel. The program is reading the frequency from my radio. If I click the ‘Tune’ button, the radio goes through the tune cycle. I just can’t get the PTT to unkey. Radio is an Icom IC-7300. Any suggestions?

Roy KW4G
Sebring, Florida USA

Hi Roy,

You should be able to just press the “Transmit” button again on the “View” tab to unkey the radio, I haven’t seen this issue before though?

wfview will generate a log file in /tmp/wfview.log so worth looking at what messages are appearing in the log when you try to key/unkey the radio and post them here.

73 Phil

Hi Roy.

Sorry re-reading your message, you say the radio goes into transmit mode as soon as the program is run?

This is likely because you have USB Send enabled on the rig and wfview is likely raising either DTR or CTS on the serial port. We can investigate this but for now, you can simply disable USB Send via Menu/Connectors/USB Send/Keying. Under USB Send, select OFF.

73 Phil

OK, that did the trick. Thank you. Now I can look at the program. 73

Roy KW4G

Hi Roy,

Just to let you know, I have put a fix in my development branch of wfview which stops this happening, just in case users have any other software that relies on USB Send being enabled.

One of the key ‘design goals’ of wfview has always been the ability to co-exist with other software and to not require any specific settings in the radio. We have learned quite a lot in the last few days of having ‘real’ users testing the software after months of only a small group using it.

The next ‘test release’ of wfview will include this USB Send fix.

73 Phil M0VSE

fix released.