Raspberry pi 4. server. client Mac/os

Hi. is there anybody that can help mee with audio problems using raspberry pi as server and Mac/os M1 as client. All is working except audio.

73 Pål La7hm

what rig are you using?

which audio devices do you use at the server side?

what version?

Hi. Station ic-7300, at the server side I use non because the pi is beside my ic-7300 so I use the sound from the station. wfview on the server 1.43

At the client ( Mac/OS Monterey version 12.5) I want to use the internal speaker and an sennheiser usb headset with mic.

That will be the problem.

On the server (Pi) under the Server tab, you need to select the USB audio devices of the IC7300 and this tells the wfview server where to find the radio audio.

73 Phil M0VSE

Do i have to install drivers on the pi ?

no just select the codecs of the rig