RC-28 frequency jumps not smooth

When I used my RC-28 connected to my Windows 10 computer via USB to Wfview, the frequency does not change smoothly as I carefully rotate the dial. It even will jump the opposite direction before correcting itself to jump the correct direction. One can see this on the frequency spectrum display in Wfview as well as hear it. I am sure I am smoothly turning the dial and it is monotonically increasing, or if turning the other way monotonically decreasing. I do not see this issue when using RS-BA1 ICOM software.

Please, can you add a feature to make the frequency changes smoother in Wfview with the RC-28 (or if a bug please fix it) ? I can think of an algorithms to perform this.

My Windows 10 computer is a Dell Lattitude 7480 with a SSD and an I7 processor, so I believe it has plenty of computational power.

IC-7610 over ethernet, correct?

My IC-7300 over USB does the same thing when using the RC-28.

Correct, 7610 over Ethernet

Here are some thoughts on fixing this jumping frequency on my remote 7610 using an RC-28.

It is impossible to physically change the dial forward and backward at the jumping I am seeing. You could add “mass” to the jumps. The rate of encoded pulses indicating a dial change should monotonically increase or decrease and transition through a stopped position before turning the other direction. Can the rate of pulses be integrated? Can you discard errant pulses that would violate the laws of physics and limitations of humans to change direction? I think you get the idea. Take a look at the timing of encoder pulses.

I need to go check and see if I have the latest version before I post some feature requests. Perhaps some of the issues I have seen have been fixed…


I suspect it’s a bug we accidentally introduced. We know how it’s supposed to feel – similar to the radio’s dial.

We will make sure to get it right on version 2.0. I’m not sure if we’ll go back on older versions and fix them up or not.

What version of wfview are you using?

de W6EL

Elliott, I upgraded last night to 1.64 and the latest daily build. The RC-28 was much smoother than with my earlier Wfview version. I will continue using but my initial assessment is that it is fixed or works well enough I didn’t notice jumping.

I apologize, I should have upgraded before posting.

I am trying to operate CW a lot now, and will be posting any issues or features I would like.

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