Re-Install Problems. Help, Please


Big problems.

My W10 pc conked out after a power glitch, but I was, with a lot of work, able to re-install Windows and get most things going again.
Wiped everything out in the way of programs, etc., so had to re-instll WfView.

a. Re-installed WfView (one of my favorite programs) (using with an Icom R8600), but can’t get it to connect to the radio, or work.
Using LAN. (NETWORK selected in Settings)

During the install, I had an error msg:

Istallation Error. Error during installation process (org.wfview.wfview). Cannot Start: "C:\Progra Files (X86\wfview\vc_redist.x86.exe/passive/norestart"

Process failed to start: The system cannot find the file specified

So, is this my problem ?
What is it saying ? Is it important ?

What should I do ?

b. The graphic that comes up cannot be re-sized or the edges dragged in VIEW.
But, surprisingly, in can in SETTINGS

Is this an improper Resolution setting in the W10 preferences, or…?
If so, what should it be set to, or how to correct, please ?

Much thanks; really appreciate the help,

Hi Bob.

Just click ignore and then visit c:\program files (x86)\wfview and manually run the vc_redist_x86.exe program. There is a typo in the installer. If the wfview window opens, this isn’t your problem though.

As for resolution, you need to make sure you are running at 100% scaling preferably with 1920x1080 resolution as a minimum.

73 Phil

Hi Phil,

Works !

Thanks so much for such a prompt reply.
Very appreciated.

Funny, but when I reinstalled W10 after the crash, it, the pc, had me generate a new Password.
This password would not work in the program.

But, when I went back to the old before the crash password, it works.

I can’t understand this.
Wonder where it is correlating this old password from.

I don’t think the radio asked for one, and it’s a brand new, clean, install of the program.

Confused (as always)

Again, thanks for help,
Very appreciated.

Best regards,