Ready for my First Contests With wfview

Thanks to everyones’ help and patience I now have wfview set up so I’m good to go in a few contests, namely the CWOps one hour CW sprint tomorrow (Wednesday) evening and the SARTG Worldwide RTTY Contest this Saturday.

I’ll let you know how wfview performs in the heat of competition, but I’m not expecting any problems!

73 and thanks again!

Let us know how you do!

Good luck,

de W6EL

Hi Elliott,

It started out fine but quickly deteriorated after the first hour. It seems like N1MM and wfview both lost communication with the 7300. I posted two messages about it.


It wasn’t a very successful weekend. Like a dummy, I slept through the CW contest and I suffered the problems I have written at length about in the RTTY contest. I wanted to get back into the contest later on but my internet connection was awful. The wfview display would update about once a second and the audio was broken up as well.

I think the internet decided I wasn’t ready, so I listened and went and did something else.