Reducing screen size

Is there a way to reduce the screen size of Wfview? It takes up about 3\4 of the width and height of my 4K monitor and will not reduce more than this. I have tried Win 11 compatibility settings without result.

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My wfview fits easily on 1366*768 and still have screen estate left.

So it does not seem an wfview issue but more of your windows display setting?

Check “Display Scaling” in your Settings->Display. WFView takes far less than 3/4 of a 4K display.

All other apps resize okay. Its not that it does not fit its that I am trying to set it to use only half the screen or less so I can use other apps with it such as WSJT-x.
It seems that on a 4K monitor it will not shrink. It uses 75% of the screen area and will not reduce.

It IS your display scaling as others have already mentioned. Other apps may allow you to reduce the window size to a point of being unusable, but wfview will not. If your 4K monitor is set to 100% scaling, then wfview will take up less than 25% of the screen size. If set to 250%, then it will take up a lot more!

This is my Dell 43" at 4K. WFView will get smaller than it is in this shot.

Check the compatibility settings on the properties for the exe file and if you are launching it from a shortcut look at the compatibility settings in the shortcut properties and make sure it isn’t in 640x480 mode or that the high dpi scaling hasn’t been set to scale it. This is assuming windows, linux and mac have other options.

I changed the scaling from what was probably 250% (windows dos not show what it was!) to 100% which resulted in tiny tiny desktop icons, then worked up gradually to 200%. WFview will now go to 50% but my desktop icons are rather small. Other apps such as Paint shop pro though will allow shrinking to much much less than 50% at any scaling only WFview is limited.
It is borderline usable at this scaling but …

I do not have compatibility set to 640 x 480.

Set your scaling to 100% then right click on your desktop and go to view-> and you can set large/medium/small icons

I have set the scale to 100% and set the Icons to large changed the font size to look ok, now the task bar icons and text are so small as to be unreadable and there is no setting for this.
With the scaling back at 250% where I have always had it all looks sized correctly all apps will reduce in size to ~ 10% of the screen except for WFview.

Still, your windows settings. At 2560*1440 I have six wfview open and still enough estate left.

The 7851 is the biggest one by the way (more controls).

You can edit the task bar size/icons as well. First hit asking Google (out of about 1.360.000 hits)

In any case, not a wf issue

I think this will get you where you need to be

Of course I checked task bar resize links before posting! All these links have not worked after ~ Mar 2023 Win 11 update. Let me repeat I cannot run 100% scale without the task bar becoming unreasonably small. At 250% scaling which I have used for 3 years without issues, 13 other Apps resize to about 10% of screen width without an issue only Wfview will not!

Then I suppose wfview just isn’t right for you.

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as knowledge.
Since it is affected by OS updates, there is no guarantee that it will continue to work, so you need courage.


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