remote on/off with 7610

if the rig is powered off at the radio, the software wont turn it on…if I turn it off, from the software, I can then turn it back on…is that by design?

Hi Jamie,

With the 7610, I believe there is a menu item where you can select the power switch behavior. The choices are “power off” and “standby”. If you use standby, it’ll work great. At least, that is how my IC-9700 works.

Also FYI, for anyone reading this, I am able to power off and on the IC-7300 via USB port commands without any trouble using the built-in wfview server and a wfview client. I didn’t expect it to work that well, but it does!

de W6EL

What Elliot states is correct – you need to put the rig in stby mode, and not fully off.