Remote Operation - again

I guess this has been an issue before. I’m trying to access my 7300 remotely. I have everything setup according to the help article. It would seem a “Connect” button would be useful after adding/modifying settings. I have a Windows 11 computer connected to the 7300 via USB. Works great. I enabled “Radio Server”, port forwarding, added a user, disconnected and reconnected. In the remote computer I entered URL, user name and password. The log shows “COMREADY” and attached to the control port. All great. It just doesn’t work. “:DEBUG Enabled” didn’t add any additional data.

I don’t know how to debug this any further.

tnx , Doug – K0DXV

Hi Doug.

Firstly, what version of wfview are you using as since at least v1.60 there is a big “Connect” button at the bottom of the wfview client window?

When you say you added the URL, what exactly did you put there? URL is a Uniform Resource Locator and not just a hostname? That’s not what you want, it should contain JUST the IP address (or name if you have dynamic DNS configured).

Are you on the same LAN as the wfview server or trying to connect remotely? You mention port forwarding, so I suspect remote? I would recommend connecting on the local LAN first before attempting a remote connection as there are numerous things that can be entered incorrectly on a remote setup.

On both the server and client, within the log, click ‘send to termbin’ and this will give you a URL that you can post into a message and we can decipher the log for you.

73 Phil

Another point, did you disable the windows firewall on the server (or at least allow access to UDP ports 50001-50003)?

I had recent trouble like this using Win 10 64 and found that I had to change the port from the default suggested as I had a port conflict on the host PC. Instead; I selected 60001, 60002 and 60003. (You could use any range of numbers as long as the same numbers are entered in both PCs). After that it works really well even using the default onboard mic and speakers on a remote Dell laptop. I also found I didn’t need to perform any port forwarding actions at my router.

I trust all other settings are to the letter of the instructions. Also you need to make sure that the host PC has ‘Modulation Input’ setting in Radio Settings to USB. I guess by what your saying is that you’re getting no remote display waterfall?

Hope that’s of some use.

Alastair N MacKenzie G4NUO

I’ll try changing the ports just to see. I wish the client would be kind enough to log whatever it is that prevents the connection to complete.
Doug – K0DXV

Both the client and server produce a large amount of logging, as I said before, if you want to post them here, we can most likely tell you what the issue is.

Version is 1.61.

I use a forwarding service defined in my router that maps my router’s IP address to a URL.

I’m using a small Windows 11 computer as the server. I can ping it successfully so I know the URL is good.

My remote laptop is using the URL for connection. This tests the connection end to end. All firewall issues have been dealt with. I’ve also tried directly to the router’s ip address.

The router has port forwarding setup for 50001 to 50003 to the server.

What ever the problem is on the remote client - there are no log messages to indicate what went wrong. It just does nothing, which isn’t an optimal way to handle error conditions.

I’m able to connect successfully on my internal network.

Doug – K0DXV

I posted a log to There was no useful information.

We need the URL that was copied to your clipboard when you pasted to as otherwise we have no way of finding it!

If it works locally, then the problem is either your Internet service does not allow inbound connections (some providers use something called CGNAT which won’t work) OR the inbound mapping is misconfigured on the router. Have you definitely mapped UDP ports 50001-50003 on the router to the IP address of the wfview server? (TCP will NOT work).

If there really is nothing in the log, most likely that is due to it not receiving any response from the remote (it’s difficult to log the absence of a response as wfview will just keep sending the “hello” packet until a response is received).

73 Phil M0VSE

The ports were not mapped as UDP. They had defaulted to TCP. Works fine now.
Doug – K0DXV

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