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I have successfully set up a remote connection between my Shack (server) PC and my house (client) PC across my LAN. Seems to be working ok except that I don’t see the waterfall on the client pc. Is that normal? Also have some drop outs in the audio which I’m guessing is probably buffer related.

I also need to connect log4om to wfview which I think I can do using hamlib. Which leaves me with sdrconsole and jtdx. How do I connect both to wfview?

Hi Alan,

With the waterfall – yes, you should see the waterfall on both sides. Do you have CI-V Transceive enabled on the radio? You should turn it on if it isn’t on. Check and see if CI-V Transceive is on.

Also check that you have not manually defined the CI-V address in wfview, and have not checked “Use as model ID too”.

You didn’t mention what radio you’re using, but I think I remember that it is an IC-7300, correct? Do you see “IC-7300” in the lower-right corner of wfview on both the client on server window?

On the client side, if the audio is dropping out, I would increase the RX Latency and TX Latency sliders to 200ms. I would also change the sample rate to 16000 Hz (you’ll have to disconnect, make the change, and then reconnect). You can also try setting the RX and TX Codec to “Opus” since you are running your own server. It will decrease the bandwidth a lot.

Let’s get all that working first and then look at your logging question.

de W6EL

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CI-V Transceive on the 7300 is off. I’ve been using the manual connection because every time I turn it on in the radio, something keeps turning it back off. I’m assuming it may be one of the other softwares I use, log4om, jtdx, GT, or sdr console, but I’m not sure.

Hi Alan,

Transceive just sends back data from the radio when you touch the controls, and it also tells the radio to respond to certain types of requests we use to figure out what capabilities the radio has. We generally recommend turning it on when possible.

Do the server and client programs both say “IC-7300” in the lower right corner?

de W6EL

Yes, they both have IC-7300 in right corner.

It all seems to be working at the moment. I don’t know what the problem was before when I first started using wfview but something kept turning off the CI-V Transceive. I think it might have been because I was connecting jtdx to the 7300 ci-v port because sdr console was using the vitual port on wview. Any plans to add some more vitual ports?

But right now wfview is running fine on the client pc with log4om connected via hamlib and jtdx connected to the virtual port. I thought I was going to have to stop using sdr console until I discovered it has a built in server like wfview. So I set the sdr console server up on the radio pc and I was able to connect to it from my house pc fine so everything seems to be working. As soon as I can dig through all my music stuff and find my usb mic I’ll try working some ssb voice and see if that works.