Remote Rig interface RRC-1258


I have my IC-7100 connected to a Remote Rig RRC-1258 MKII interface. I can connect to the 7100 using it’s control head from another Remote Rig interface over the internet. Since the intervening internet protocol uses ports 50001, 50002, and 50003, it implies that it is similar to your protocol. The 1258 extends the control head’s serial interface, as well as two more serial interfaces, one of which can be the CI-V interface.

My question is: Can the RRC-1258 be left in place, and if the CI-V is available on one of the serial interfaces, can your software be used to connect to the 7100 (or other radio) through the RRC1258? This would allow me to use the control head OR your radio interface. I have easily connected to the 7100 following your instructions, while it was still connected to the RRC-1258, but it requires a separate computer to run your server software.

Thank you for considering this!

Dennis Engdahl

Hi Dennis,

I’ve used the device you’re mentioning (or a similar one, I can’t recall the model exactly). It worked pretty good, although the setup was annoying. The protocols are vastly different. It seems like these three ports are used by several products and software that all have different ideas for protocols. It’s too bad, because mixing those technologies with wfview would be really interesting.

wfview does have a server built-in, so you could use a Raspberry Pi as a server for your 7100 with wfview, for example. And then open up a copy of wfview on another computer and connect over the internet.

de W6EL


I do know of the alternatives. I have written a program that emulates
the 7100 control head from the serial interface on the front of the
radio, and was wondering if it was possible to connect to the
RemoteRig’s protocol to obtain that interface.

Certainly I can use your server software on the Raspberry Pi that is
already connected to the radio.

I was just looking for insight on the protocol used by the Remote Rig box.

Thank you for your response.

Dennis Engdahl

Quoting Elliott Liggett via wfview