Repeater Duplex keeps reverting to Simplex

With the recent 10m openings I have started trying to work the various repeaters, however when I change to any other setiing in the Repeater Duplex box, it very quickly reverts to ‘Simplex’.
Running version 1.2d on Windows 10.

Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

PS - I worked then entire Canadian RAC Winter contest remotely with WFView and N1MM+. other than my crappy wireless, it was nearly flawless. (virtual hand clap & back slap) BRAVO folks!

Hi Gordon,

That feature is actually only coded for the IC-9700. But you make an excellent point; I will see about fixing that for the 7300 and other radios with the next release.

Glad you’re enjoying it though!

de W6EL

Thanks for the quick reply Elliott.

I am running on an IC-7610, although I do have a 7300 (just cannot beat the ‘bang for the buck’ with that radio) that I could test on as well.

I do have a feature request; have the ‘dial marker’ extend down into the waterfall. Sometimes when I am on my small laptop, the screen is just too small to do that alignment visually with enough accuracy.

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays

and while at it – remove the marker after xx seconds like the rig itself?

Hi Gordon,

I should have asked! Yes, I suppose there are a few radios that need support in the repeater dialog. Only the 9700 has it so far (because of course, lots of repeaters are out there on those bands), but certainly they all will need it.

I’ll see what I can squeeze in.

de W6EL

Sure, that would be ideal, but not if it is difficult and would take away from time better spent.

Well, it’ll happen once I get back from vacation. I can only code so much on an X230 without an external monitor!

The idea to show current position on the waterfall is a good one too. For the next big release we may have a few overlay features like that.