Repeater Tone Control Non-Functional

I have a 7100 connected to a Raspberry Pi as a server. Connecting to that server with a Windows copy of Wfview. When I toglle the tone (None, Tone, Tsql) on the repeater popup, nothing happens on the 7100. Changing the duplex on the repeater popup works, however. Thanks for a GREAT program!

Dennis Engdahl

Hi Dennis,

Good catch, I have not properly implemented the tones on a lot of the radios that we otherwise support. I’ll see about adding it next time I’m in that section of the code.


de W6EL

The problem appears to be that you set the tone frequency (in rigcommander.cpp), but you do not turn the tone on or off (0x42 0x01 for on, 0x42 0x00 for off). Also, for TSQL, you need to turn the tone on or off (see above) AND you need to turn the tone squelch on or off (0x43 0x01 for on, 0x43 0x00 for off).

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