Restricted bands for userd

My sw transceiver goes from 160m up to 2m. But the antenna is only for 80, 40, 20 and 10m. Can I restrict the bands for the users?

Vy 73 de Frank DL2GFS

Hi Frank

This isn’t something that you can do at the moment, but we can certainly add it to the wish list.

73 Phil

Hi Phil,

thanks for the fast answer. I am looking forward to install a remote club station. And for the users it should only

be possible to work on restricted bands to avoid damaging the trx. Please add it to the wishlist.

Vy 73 de


You might be able to use this technique to remove transmit capability from certain bands for that radio. It was mentioned in the thread ‘Receive Only Setup’ in the ic-7300 group in

Make sure to save your settings to an SD Card first!


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That’s a neat trick, I never knew about that!

Although the article was published 21 Dec 20, I didn’t know it either until I saw it referenced in the ic-7300 group on 7/9/23. Great idea!

Yeah I’m totally doing this to keep me off a few bands that I know I just can’t use anyway. 160M comes to mind.

de W6EL