Rig Split using RigCtld in wsjt-x question, IC7300

New IC-7300 owner here and discovered Wfview for remote operation. Awesome piece of software! Great documentation too.

Looking back at forum posts regarding split operation, it seems like the feature was added recently. I’m on 1.61 btw. When using wsjt-x and variants (jtdx) if I configure for external control and then use “rig” for my split setting it doesn’t correctly set the split frequency on my B vfo. If I use “fake it” though it does correctly move my xmit frequency based on where I’ve set my pointer using only the A vfo of course.

Is there some setting in the Rpt/Split popup I should be using to allow “rig” split to work? Not a show stopper since I can use just use the “fake it” setting.

Thanks - tonyt

Hi Tony.

Proper split operation over rigctld is still not quite there, we hope to have this sorted soon, but yes you can use ‘fake it’ for now though.

73 Phil

Hi Phil

Got it, faking it for now!