rigctl - HAMLog Agent. RX Latency

First of all, I want to thank the respected authors for an excellent program! And I have questions about its use:

  1. Can I connect to wfwiev via rigctl to HAMlog Agent (hamlog.online)? I can’t do it yet! I turned on the virtual COM, I select this port and Hamlib net rigctl in the HAMlog Agent settings, but I do not know how to specify the COM port parameters.
  2. The RX Latency parameter is always 520 mc, both via Wi-Fi and 1 Gigabit Ethernet. Is this a normal value? What does the green color of this value mean? In this case, the RTT parameter ranges from 0 to 10 mc.

“hamlib net rigctl” is selected.
In this case, the setting is in the “Port:” field.
is often entered.
“4533” is the content already set in wfview.

I’ve never used HAMlog Agent, give it a try.


Unfortunately, the HAMlog Agent does not allow you to specify an any value in the port selection section. Only Windows system ports can be selected there

If you are sure that no other rigctld services are running, simply change the port in wfview settings to 4532