Rigctld mode issue

Brief summary of problem (put in title as well): Rigctld mode issue
Radio Model: IC7300 & Ic705
Connectivity (USB/Ethernet/Wifi/Other): USB
Operating System: Linux ubuntu
wfview version (press “About”): 1.63 compiled from master branch on july 14
Checked the wfview manual (Y/N): y
Checked the wfview FAQ (Y/N): y
Tried to google it (Y/N/NA): n

What I did: the problem is that when I connect from my log program to wfview via rig ctl I don’t get the mode used
The program doesn’t know if I’m in USB, cw, … and it doesn’t see the VFO used either.
If I change the mode from the log program (CQRLOG) the radio does it, but it is not marked in the cqrlog.
if i change from the radio i don’t see any change in the cqrlog.
This causes the cqrlog not to fill the mode fields when making a qso, and this prevents this qso from being uploaded to the online logs.
I tried to compile the rigcreator branch, and in this branch the mode works, but the frequency is not read.

I connect the log program directly to the usb port and the mode, frequency or vfo are correctly reported.

in TRX control of CQRLOG software the mode (SSB) is not informed. When informed the correct mode is in RED letters.

Expected behavior:

Observed behavior:

note that that branch has zero support. afraid you will have to wait there. I don’t think the master branch will get updates/fixes soon as the work is on rigcreator. When it’s finished the issue is resolved. maybe others can help you with the master branch and cqrlog here.

and again: zero support for the rigcreator branch (or any other non-master). not even mentioning warnings, errors during build etc. we know it’s broken. that’s the state of it and we know it. any mentioning of issues doesn’t help. that part starts when it’s at least in a beta state. it’s not even alpha, it’s work in progress.

Hello Roeland
The branch where I have the problem is the master’s, the main one. I commented that in another branch (rig creator) if I saw the mode that arrived in the log program.
But the problem is that the mode is not moved from wfview to the log program in the master branch through rigctld.

Maybe it wasn’t expressed well.
You should keep in mind that what you are reading is a translation made by an internet tool, and it may not be exact. In the same way, the answers you make I translate them on the web to read them.


I did understand I was just reminding people to keep using master. I know. testing, software may be exciting and if rigcreator worked for you, that’s cool but people (not specifically you) may have item a) orking and have iten b) totally not working.

For me, for instance, master works for the 705, 7300, 9700, 7851. The other WIP (work in progress) branch, breaks in so many places for these rigs that some of them cannot even reliably be used or are missing features that are too important not to have.

In ither words, the warning is for everybody:

if you use anything other than maste, you are on your own, if it breaks your rig, you are the owner of the pieces so to say. Nothing more, nothing less. Also we do not in any sense will provide support. We won’t take bugs, etc etc. Just to make sure that - if you want to use it, go ahead but don’t bother us.

If you have a feature that doesn’t work, you may check and see if it works in a different branch but that’s basically is. It’s almost a wonder that it even compiles at times… :wink: