RigCtld TX stuck, Freq shifting in Split/Fake it Mode.

I keep having and issue where the TX getting stuck on my IC-7300 when operating any digital mode using RigCtld. It seems to happen randomly after around 10 mins or so of operation.

Also when I am operating split mode or fake it in WSJT-X, the frequency changes for the TX but sometimes does not go back to the original value on RX resulting in the frequency constantly shifting.

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So you’re seeing a similar issue to me with the IC-9700 over ethernet, even though you’re using USB. And you even see this behavior with “fake it”? I’ve been seeing reliable behavior, so far, with fake split but always see walking with “rig” split.

I’ve been looking at the source code, so far haven’t found any issues. I’m starting to suspect some sort of timing issue, a race condition.

I agree. Part of the problem is that the also radio updates the software on its frequency setpoint. If the software tells the radio to set a frequency, the radio is then responding to the software that the frequcency has changed. If that comes into the software after the last update for the second frequency change it may overwrite the updated value and switches it back on the radio.

Since control of the radio can be either locally or remotely this situation could easily occur because the software may not know where the new value came from. The software needs a way to confirm that the radio replied to an issued command. That way it does not get stuck in this loop.

This may also be the source of the transmit sticking issue.

This is speculation of course. I have not looked at the code.

When it gets stuck in transmit, does wfview continue to work? How do you get it unstuck?

de W6EL

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This unfortunately isn’t fixable in the current code without completely re-writing the rigctld code. This is something that I am currently in the middle of doing, and I hope to have something that people can test soon.

73 Phil M0VSE

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The issue can be mitigated by reducing the poll frequency within the wfview settings.

** Reducing the frequency means increasing the poll interval!


Has there been any progress made on this? Just curious. Thank you for all your work!

wfview works fine even after it sticks. I normally just toggle the transmit again and it starts working again. Its like it is missing the command to stop transmitting.