Save Settings Version 1.62

Hello all, great programme, well done. I have it running under Win 10 and WIn 11, total 3 machines.
My issue ( all 3 machines ) is after clicking on the ’ Save Settings ’ menu item, most of which I am aware of are are saved as expected.
However, upon programme restart, i.e. next session, the frequency step returns to 100 Hz, despite it being set to, usually, 12.5 kHz, with all the other settings seemingly being re-instated.

Best wishes


Hi John.

Yes this is working as intended (currently). We need to implement a method of per band/mode step sizes (that will be saved with settings) so until we do, 100 Hz was chosen as a reasonable default.




Hello Phil, thank you for your swift reply. All understood. No problem. Have a great day. John

Hello again Phil, considering the store and retrieval of the frequency step factor. If I may be so bold as to suggest, many users turn off the application and are likely to use the same parameters at the start of their next session. Therefore, it may be quite workable to save the frequency step value as it was when ’ Save Settings ’ is clicked upon. If conversely that setting was restored at session start-up, I suggest this may be quite workable for many users, until a far wider reaching solution is implemented. Best regards, John