Scenarios where radio will not power up remotley

Wfview runs fairly reliably remotely but I have had occasions when I have been unable to reconnect\power up when away from home and returning home I find the radio still powered off. While testing I found I two scenarios that may be related to my problem.

I run an Invato Quadra as a server and can recycle power remotely . Using ver 1.64 and latest nightly build.

Scenario 1:
Radio is switched OFF (using its button)
Kill DC power to radio and Quadra as a power outage would.
Power outage over 12VDC comes up again
Wfview remote will NOT turn radio back ON. (Wfview remote “radio status” show red not green)
Wfview server will turn radio back ON and remote can then reconnect fine.
If I leave the radio ON I can turn it ON again remotely after a power outage.

Scenario 2
Radio is switched OFF (using its button)
Server power is recycled
Wfview remote will NOT turn radio back ON.

I think the overall issue is that if the server is running and the radio is off, and then a new client connects, the new client cannot figure out what kind of radio or any other details is connected and thus fails to issue the power on command.

That’s my guess. I’m not sure if I’m seeing that too or not, I’ll have to set up a test.

de W6EL

The server though will power up the radio in this scenario suggesting it knows the correct command.

Yep. But not the client.

I wonder if I have a similar problem. Server and client are on Raspberry cards, the radio is a 7300. If I power down the radio from the client, it will most of the time not power on from the client, although the client shows an active connection. Rebooting the client will not resolve the problem, but rebooting the server with Windows Remote Desktop will.

If the radio is powered down for just a few hours it will usually power up again, but seldon if powered off till the next day or longer.

Regards, Jan

The last line in the log of the client when requesting power on without success is:
INF UDP: CIV Watchdog: No CIV data received for 2 s, requesting data start

Regards, Jan

Figures. There’s no CIV traffic when the rig is off.

We’ll check this out as we work on version 2.0, which is in progress.

For now you may have to work around jr by using the server side to power on and off.

de W6EL