SD-Card via Network

The ST-4001 Software generates a kind of read/write access to the SD-Card of ICC-9700/705 .
I would like to see this function also in WFView That you can up or download Audio files from the radio

Hi Stefan,

That sounds very interesting. I am not aware of any open source solutions to do this yet. There is one for transferring images (jpegs) to the IC-705, but I have not seen anything about the SD card.

If someone figures out how to do it, we can look into adding it.

de W6EL

This is exact this function, what delivers. it. It works not only for the IC-705 it works also on the IC-9700.

Same like Icom ST4001 is doing.
If you can access to write to an SD Card you have half the way to do it.
There must be something like a file manager in the Icom radios which access the SD Card.
73 de Stefan

Hi Stefan,

The fact that Icom don’t offer this feature over LAN connections suggests that it is a USB-only feature (maybe using a mass storage interface)? I will do some more investigation though and will report back!

73 Phil M0VSE

short brainstorm:

you could choose for a hybrid method where you access the radio va ether and the other functions via USB; And then, you could try and see if you can transfer files over ethernet on a different side channel. but we could loose rsba1 interoperability. That would require a server system to work.

While it looks like kick ass, I think that people first should start sending icom their requirements needed
with their reasoning instead.

I know that ICOM adds features generally when there is a good need for and enough yield. You have seen how the code for fixed and center scroll was added and propagated in the different models too.

So from my view, it should be possible to access the SD Card over Lan. ST4001 Software is exactly doing that.

You need to add the IP Adress of the radio. Then it sends the picture to the folder picture of your SD-Card.

So there is a function to do this.

In the new ID-52 they added a function as soon as you connect the Radio via USB, you can change the connection to be a drive like an USB drive, similar like when you connect an Android phone and the connection asks you if it should be a drive or phone

But from the ST-4011 funtionality there must be a possiblity to acess the SD Card

I we get a program or funktion in WFView which makes it possible to deliver a Samba Drive as a Drive on Windows with this funktionality in the background, then we are done,
then we are done.
THis would be what I am looking for since I have my first radio which allows to be driven from PC.

73 de Stefan HB9GFX

Hi Stefan,

As Elliott mentioned on your other thread, somebody has already reverse-engineered the protocol

Unfortunately, it appears to ONLY support images over that interface, and there also looks to be no method to retrieve a directory listing of the SD card, so direct access is unlikely to be possible. While access to other parts of the SD card ‘may’ be possible, as there is currently no software available that does this, it would be very difficult (practically impossible) to work out how.

73 Phil M0VSE

and for the record ; “wit” should work on the 705, 9700 and any other icom that supports D* and image xfers over 60000/TCP