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Hello all. Wondering if anyone is using (or has tried) to use SDR-Control with wfview and an IC-7100?

Currently I use an IC-705 and SDR-Control in the car, which works great, but 10W is limiting. For the amount of $ to get linear amps for each band I could get an IC-7100 and an rpi and dedicate the IC-705 to portable use.

I’ve used wfview and SDR-Control on my IC-7300 with good success even though I don’t think Marcus (the SDR-Control developer) officially supports it.

So I’m hoping that since the CI-V commands and audio should be the same (I realize there wouldn’t be a waterfall) either the IC-7100 slips into the same ‘unsupported support’, or there is a feature in wfview currently or that could be added that would spoof the IC-7100 as an IC-7300.

Well, one of those foldable thinkpad touchscreen laptops from 10 years ago would run wfview just fine in your application. wfview really does not need an expensive computer. Your only annoyance will be the size of some of the controls, which is not optimal for finger control. But with a supported USB hardware controller (see our manual) such as the Contour ShuttleProV2, and a good headset, you’ll be a happy camper. A $35 Pi with a screen is also not a bad option.

And with wfview, you can run the Opus codec, which is a 4x reduction in required network bandwidth with some forward error correction – essential for mobile operation. I don’t think SDR Control has that codec available.

We support the IC-7100 and we do have at least one between us developers that we test with sometimes.

de W6EL

Thanks Elliott, I appreciate the response, but my interest is to use my macbook, ipad, or iphone running SDR-Control (which I like using for its integrated ft8 clients, logbooks, mapping etc) using wfview in server mode as the middleman between the USB connection on the radio and the network. Bandwidth won’t be an issue since the connection will be on a portable router in the car and not over the internet.

I can successfully do this with an IC-7300 now, and I found others doing the same on this forum, so I’m just wondering if anyone has tried it with an IC-7100.

As a developer who knows how the program works, would the commands to control the IC-7100 differ greatly from the IC-7300 or IC-705?

There is certainly a large set of commands that are the same between the radios. It will depend on which set of commands the other developer is using. wfview server sends the exact CI-V commands received to the radio, without modification.

With the older radios, you will need to lower the polling rate so that you do not hammer the half-duplex CI-V bus. Keep in mind that you may get errors with some baud rates and it will require some experimentation. wfview scales down the polling speed for you but I don’t know about that other software.

How does your portable router connect to the radio? Just curious.

de W6EL

In my test scenario the IC-7300 was connected via USB to a Beelink N95 mini pc (running vfview with server mode turned on) which is connected via ethernet to a GL-AXT1800 portable router.

The router uses either an AT&T usb modem or via tethering from my phone for internet connectivity, but since the device (iphone, ipad etc) is connected to the router the connection to the PC is just as fast as if I were home.