Security Issue with Remote Clients

I guess the Gitlab issue tracker isn’t the best place to post issues. I did post one there yesterday, however. I’ll link to it here: Security Problems with Remote Clients (#10) · Issues · Elliott Liggett / wfview · GitLab. I will reiterate the problem here if necessary.

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Hi Russ,

Got it, sorry we didn’t note it on GitHub. You’re right though, that is how we intended it to work out. We’ve been quite focused lately on a number of other features (dual metering, audio plugins, and rigctld to name a few), and just haven’t had time to “circle back” and check on some of those outstanding bugs. Keep the bug reports coming!

de W6EL

Hi Russ.

Yes the user type is a difficult one as it turns out to be quite difficult to restrict access with our current mechanism. We will be re-writing the way that rig control works and that should allow us to control what commands are allowed to be sent to the rig but at the moment it is quite tricky!

I will probably either remove the user type for now or put a note that it isn’t currently used.

73 Phil M0VSE