Server with Win10 or Win11 not possible

Hi there,
its the second time that I do setup a Server with a Win10 or Win11-PC. But now chance to do a remote-connection.
Server- and Client-Software is WFView 1.5.
It seemed, that the connection is not running allthough user and password could configure without got failure-Infos.
Forwarding at the router was done.
Can anybody give me a manual to setup a WFView-Server with all things to do? Manual on this site is not helpfull for the problem.
Regards, Edgar

first of all, what rig ?

Hi Edgar,

I was updating the manual last night and you may have seen it while I was editing it.

Have another look, and then let us know if you’re stuck and what radio you are using.

de W6EL

Hi Edgar,

Try pressing the Log button on the server side and see if you see the login. Also what radio are you using?

de W6EL

Sorry have forgotten the rig.
Its a IC-7300.
We are running it with a raspberry-server. It is running fine most of the time.
But with a Win10 or Win11-PC we have no chance.
Thank You for support my problems.

I have win10/11 working without any issues if I talk to a 7300. Generally the win10/11 setup is b0rked due to either installed software using same ports or firewalls, “intelligent” scanners and such.

Having said that – press log in the client, send the log link so that we can look what part of the windows setup is troubling you .

Hi friends,
now the connection is running. Also Audio in the direction to the Remote-IC-7300.
But I can’t hear anything. Don’t find the failure.
Connecting to a raspi-WVFiew-Server (only changing the server-adress) is running well. So the client-settings must be ok.
Has anybody an idea for the problem?

hi Edgar,

did you try to use other codecs?

you can change it only if you disconnect first from the radio.

What kind of “other codecs” do You mean?
At the server-settings I only can use “standard mikrofon and loudspeaker” or “usb-codec” as find after connecting via usb.

well, you wrote

“We are running it with a raspberry-server. It is running fine most of the time.”

and you refer to w10 and 11 not working I thought you meant w10/11 as wfview client. but you now use a win10 or win11 as server?

(just to make things clear)

Hi Roeland,
as I wrote above: I want to do remote-operating with a Win11-Server and Win10/11-Client.
And for that I have no RX-Sound, connetion is ok. I see signal, waterfall an frequency and can tune it.
But connecting with the same client to a Pi-Server, it runs without problems. So the Client-settings must be ok.
There must be a problem with the RX-audio from the Win-Server via USB and UDP to the client. Do You understand?
Regards, Edgar

Hi Edgar,

Elliott asked I you could provide the log a while ago, it is impossible for us to diagnose the problem with the amount of information you have provided. Most likely issue is incorrect audio devices selected in the server.

73 Phil M0VSE

Yes ok, will catch the log and put in here.

check also at the serverside that you point audio in/out to the icom codecs (you may need to install the icom drivers)

and thanks for the clarification there Edgar!