Share a Tab

How about letting the Band and Frequency tabs share one tab? The buttons on each tab are enormous. If they were half size, so as to share one tab, they would still be more than large enough. Just call the tab “QSY”.

won’t happen. And that may sound awful to you but… we decided to detach the tabs in the upcoming version. these tabs are separately sizeable. So no view switching anymore

how did applying the job at icom go ? :wink:

Hi Ken,

The enormous buttons are for touch screen users. It works very well on this touch screen Lenovo that my dad was using in his mobile for a while.

A version we are testing, which Roeland mentioned, changes the tabs into separate windows, and the user can drag the window around to resize everything, including the buttons.

Here’s a rather busy example screenshot I shared on Patreon a while back. Some of these widgets are different now, but you’ll get the concept.

de W6EL

No worries. Just a thought. It seemed to me like each of them use a lot of valuable real estate.

Icom hasn’t returned my calls… :rofl:

Hi Elliott,

Nice! That’s worth waiting for!