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Hello, I am uploading a video of the operation of WFview on my desktop.
The following happens to me:
When I resize the WFview screen to fit the rest of the apps it works fine, and when I shut down and start the program it respects the size decision.
But when I go to the settings tab, the screen size gets bigger, which wouldn’t be a nuisance, but then I don’t want to get smaller to go back to the previous size. Bigger yes, but smaller no.
If I save changes, which I have to do if I’ve touched any of the settings, I have to close the program and open it again, without going into settings, and then I can resize correctly, and save changes again.

Why does it get bigger when going to settings? And why doesn’t she want to become small afterwards?

Hi Jordi,

That is a bug for sure. I believe it was introduced when we added support for radios without waterfall display. This made us need to manually set some sizes sometimes and clearly we didn’t get it 100%. I’ve run into similar issues when I’m working satellites and I can’t get wfview to be the size I want!

The fix is more complicated than it should be. I’d definitely like some ideas if anyone has experience with qt window resize tricks when changing tabs.

Keep up the DX!

de W6EL

I think it’s the audio dropdown that takes the width of the longest name and stretches the entire screen. Maybe the length of the dropdown could be limited. I don’t know much about QT, and I don’t know how it could be done. or make the 2 audios in 2 lines…

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Yes this is one of the issues. Funnily enough, we were discussing this yesterday and talked about limiting the size of the comboboxes. It should be possible.

73 Phil M0VSE