Smooth the spectrum?

Ic 7610 user here, and the spectrum scope really jumps around, is there a way to “smooth” the scope? I think thats what its called

Mine is really smooth, are you connecting over LAN or USB? If USB then the scope speed is significantly reduced, there is nothing we can do about that.

You can also remove the “glittering” effect on the waterfall by reducing the Len slider.

Over LAN, and len pretty reduced, waterfall is ok, but scope just seems jumpier than I am used to, I think on my other software they call it smooth

You can use the averaging under Settings. It is on the User Interface page. Turn on Underlay Mode called “Average” and set the Average Underlay Buffer size to around 2 to 5. You can then experiment with the brightness, color, and transparency for the original spectrum line and the average underlay line. I like my Average underlay line very bright, and the original spectrum line kind of dim.

This video (from version 1.5) shows the process (and some other things) that we brought out in version 1.5, including the average spectrum modes.

de W6EL

Thanks, that was a big help!!! configured it pretty much how I want it, except for the passband indicator, no matter what color I make it, that one never changes…btw, thanks for the awesome software. I dont remote much, but when its snowy and cold at the station in NW PA, and I’m on the beach on Florida’s Atlantic coast, its awesome, especially if Bouvet gets activated !!!