Some little bugs I see

Hi, I want to report several “bugs” that I’ve been seeing in the time I’ve been using WFview.
I never remove the electrical power from the radio shack, and in fact I don’t turn off the management computer with the wfview, nor the Icom power supply.
From time to time I come across the following situation:
I stand in front of the radio and turn it on, it gives the same result if I do it via wfview as the computer’s power button, and everything connects, but the waterfall doesn’t move. The smeter works and so does the freq.
You have to disable and re-enable the waterfall and it works again.

And another thing I have noticed is that the FT8 that I have connected via Rigcontrol controls the radio well, but when doing TX sometimes the radio stays in RX, but not always, only from time to time.

Otherwise, it works great for me.

This has been happening to me for a while now, if not forever…and I often compile the app with the script you provide.
The operating system is Ubuntu Linux, always updated.

Health and good dx.

Hi Jordi.

With the waterfall not starting automatically, this should start eventually, wfview has a ‘slow’ queue for various commands that are sent every 30 seconds or so (depends on your poll interval setting) the waterfall won’t start until this command is sent.

Regarding the staying in TX, I am aware of this issue and think that I know the cause, unfortunately fixing it is going to require quite major work on the rigctld code!

73 Phil M0VSE

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also note for feature requests, bugs etc you can mention them on github.
That will help us (particular me ;-)) to keep track on stuff.