Some Problems Connecting; Suggestions Would Be Appreciated


I’m sure it’s something really dumb on my part, as usual, but just cannot find my problem.
Everything was fine, until I shut off pc, and re-booted last night.

Have downloaded a brand new copy, just to be sure, but…

Am hoping someone might give me a suggestion on what to check.
Have put a lot of hours into this, and am truly stumped.

Using an Icom R8600.
Program talked thru LAN when it worked previously.

On the Settings menu, I have all the LAN boxes filled out, apparently the same as before.
Network is selected.

Under Radio Status Tab, there is nothing filled in ?
Should there be ? I don’t remember what it had before.

I click Save Settings,and Connect

Power On or Power Off does not communicate with the radio.
Spectrum and Waterfall are blank.

In View, Radio Status again shows all blanks.

I am pretty much convinced, but not 100%, that my problem is probably
some setting in the radio. If so, I have no idea what; nothing seems different from last time.
LAN problem ?

Would be most appreciative for any thoughts, radio setting to check, LAN settings to check, etc.

As always,
Much thanks,

I would double check your radio IP address. Ensure that your DHCP server has not changed the IP (one reason I prefer to reserve the DHCP address in the router).

Eric Gildersleeve

Hi Eric,

Thanks for help.

Not too sharp with this “stuff” anymore.
Will blame it on old age.

How, exactly, do I check the radio’s IP address, please ?
Where and hows, exactly, would be great.


Hi Eric,

Your a genius !
Yup, that was it; last digit was apparently changed.

Thanks so much, never would have thought of, or checking it, myself.

Best regards,

Great. Glad you were able to figure it out.

If you login to your router that is supplying your IP address, you can find the MAC address of your radio and tell it to reserve that address just for your radio. Similar to setting a static IP address. The benefit of doing it this way, you can still use DHCP in your radio and move it between networks easier.