Spectrum Color Characteristics


Have an Icom R8600.

Obviously a lot of work, and smarts, went into the Settings/User Interface matrix regarding
the colors.

But I have to admit it’s a bit much for me these days. Blame it on old age.

Eyesight problem, and what I would like to do is the following, if possible:

a. On the Spectrum display, have the plot show up in as “bright” a yellow as possible.
b. And, if possible, to make the plotted line “a bit” thicker (wider).
Both possible ? How ?

The Spectrum view background is now black
In your opinion, is this the best color for the contrast with the yellow plot that I am after ?
What would you suggest if not, and how to change it ?

I apologize for these basic level questions, but the program is pretty close to what
I want, and don’t want to mess anything up.

Terrific program; thanks for making it available.

I saw in your Roadmap that you plan on implementing in the future a “Scanning” function.

When you do, please include an ability to scan the Memories Groups/Channels as well
as between two frequency limits.

And, if at all practical, to load a database like eibi into the program and use it to tune
the radio, similar to CSVULB. CSVULB only works on a pc, and your program works just great on my MAC, but there doesn’t seem to be anything equivalent available to use on MAC, and have a similar tuning function.

Regards, and much thanks,

Hi Bob,

Scanning and memory… we will get there eventually. They seem like functions which would so naturally be nice on a computer with a keyboard and a mouse. These are going to be a bit complex but they should be very nice once we do it.

With regards to the appearance:
We don’t have a way to change the line width yet, but it is something we might add. In the mean time, you can experiment with different colors to try and zap a little more contrast in to your plots. Here is exactly how I set up the appearance on my wfview setup:

Thanks again for the kind words,

de W6EL