Spectrum Not Displaying: Most Likely Reason?


Probably that Sr. Citizen old age problem again, but have really tried.
Something, probably very simple and basic, but just don’t see it.

Using W10 pc
Icom radio connected via LAN

Program tunes, and displays freq. just fine, both in program, and radio display.
Program turns on and off the radio fine.

But, I cannot get the Spectrum to display in the windows.
Using Spectrum Mode: Fixed.
Spectrum does display normally in the radio display.

What should I check, and/or is the most likely cause of it not displaying ?

Mush thanks, as always,

Hi Bob,

Try “Center” mode and see if it fixes the issue. Sometimes “Fixed” mode is out of range and the radio doesn’t emit any spectrum data. You can also try un-checking and re-checking the “Enable WF” checkbox on the main “view” tab to see if that jogs it back to life.

Also, do you see “R8600” in the lower-right corner?

de W6EL


Thanks so much for help.

Tried suggestions; no luck
Yes, IC-R8600 is in lower right.

Might it be “some” setting in the radio, rather than the program ?


Should also mention:

In main View, “Radio Status” box when clicked on
brings up the new view: “Select radio from list”.

But, it’s blank.
Shouldn’t it have the R8600 in it.

the R8600 text does appear in the bottom right corner, though.



Works now.
Spectrum shows.

Host Name / IP address changed by itself (one digit only) ?

Second time this changing by itself has happened.

Thanks again for all the help.

Super program, Truly enjoy using.

Best regards,

Glad it’s working for you, Bob.

de W6EL

sometimes, disconnect/reconnect works too

Hi Roeland,

The problem was the changing of the last digit, somehow by itself,
in the “Hostname” box in the program.
This number should/must agree with what is in the radio.

This has happened to me before.

No idea why it changes.
Only has been the very last digit that changes (in the program)

Best regards,

Hi Bob.

The last digit (octet) of the radio IP address will not change by itself in wfview. Most likely is that your radio is being allocated a different IP address by your router/DHCP server. There should be a method of setting this as a reserved address (within your router) so that your radio always receives the same address but the process is different for every make/model of router.

73 Phil M0VSE


Good thought.

Will look into it.

Best regards,


Quick followup:

The radio address always stays the same.
Only changes in the program (the last digit).

Is this what you would expect ?
Why ?


Hi Bob.

No absolutely not, there is nothing in wfview that will change the address, unless you have changed it by accident.

Are you certain that the radio address hasn’t changed? Maybe make a note of the current address, that way if it does change you will know.

73 Phil M0VSE


Will do.

As always, thanks for thoughts and help.
Very appreciated.

I seem to miss many of
the nuances these days, although i
hate to admit it.


New user saying thanks!! Selection “center” fixed problem

Very impressive software!


any of the scroll modes would help too here